Cream Tees’ Visit to Towersey Festival 2015

A report by Alice Peat, Cream Tees viola player

On Friday 28th August, a minibus packed with excited members of Cream Tees, instruments, and camping equipment set off on the long journey down to Thame in Oxfordshire, to Towersey festival.

Cream Tees depart the Hub, Barnard Castle, for Towersey Festival

Groaning under the weight of instruments and camping equipment, the Teesdale Community Resources minivan struggles away from the Hub, Barnard Castle, taking Cream Tees to Towersey.
(Photo by Guy Hart-Davis)

After arriving and setting up, Cream Tees explored the festival with its many stalls and performing venues. We performed about five or six times when at Towersey, in both rain and sunshine!

Cream Tees fundraising for the 'Thame to Thame' Nepal Earthquake appeal at Toweresy Festival

Cream Tees fundraising for the Thame-to-Thame project to help a community in Nepal rebuild its school following the recent earthquake there.
(Photo by Jill McLachlan)

The passing audience stopped to listen to the traditional tunes from Teesdale. We played different sets for the audience but favourites included tunes from Rooted: A Teesdale suite such as The Teesdale Rambler.

Cream Tees performing at Towersey Festival

Cream Tees performing under the Umbrella at the Market Square at Towersey Festival, August 2015
(Photo by Jill McLachlan)

When not performing, we were often watching fantastic musicians play all around the festival. Many of us were lucky enough to see the amazing Bellowhead, which the viola section of Cream Tees particularly enjoyed. Another performance which was not to be missed was by The Rachel Hamer Band. Featuring our tutors from this year, Grace Smith and Sam Partridge, it was an inspiration (and a treat!) for us all to listen to their music.

Cream Tees folk band at Towersey Festival 2015

Some of Cream Tees perform at the Creative Quarter at Towersey Festival 2015.
(Photo by Jill McLachlan)

We enjoyed visiting the many different stalls at the festival, and before long some of us were sporting flower crowns and henna tattoos (which were a good way to avoid doing the washing up on Saturday night!). After tea, some of us went to watch some fantastic concerts at Venue 65, which included Show of Hands, Stornoway, and Joan Armatrading; as well as this, we also made good use of the festival dance house and danced at the ceilidh well into the night, although we weren’t convinced to have a go at line dancing.

Cream Tees folk band at Towersey Festival 2015

Cream Tees warming up on the campground for their next performance at Towersey Festival 2015.
(Photo by Neil Diment)

The rain didn’t get anyone’s spirits down, and I’m sure that we all had a really enjoyable weekend! Huge thanks to Rupert, Jill, Rhonda, Mike, Milly, and of course Neil for making it so enjoyable and fun!