Reviews of Rooted—A Teesdale Suite by Cream Tees

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Cream Tees is the Teesdale youth folk band in the Music at the Heart of Teesdale project.

Reviews of Rooted – A Teesdale Suite by Cream Tees

The Music at the Heart of Teesdale project began in 2012 with the aim of reviving the folk music, song and dance traditions of Teesdale. As part of their project, Cream Tees, M@HoT’s youth folk band, was formed for youngsters aged 11–18; for their third year together, they were challenged to produce a new piece of music inspired by the landscapes and folk traditions of the Heart of Teesdale. The tunes that emerged were assembled and arranged by tutors Sophy Ball and Ian Stephenson; and hey presto, here’s a recording. And by goodness, it’s an intriguing and stimulating work. Taking the form of a suite in four sections, from an anthem-prelude through to a swinging Schottische and an ambitious tripartite pictorial piece, and finishing with a spirited folk-jig, it has abundant musical substance and interest, more than we might perhaps expect (and that’s not meant as a patronising comment in any way). And there’s no disputing the high standard of playing from this 12-member incarnation of the M@HoT band.

—David Kidman, FolkRoundabout (March 2015)

Good playing and good ideas in the arrangements (which) you have obviously put a lot of work into … and they are very effective.

—Alistair Anderson, celebrated Northumbrian piper, master of the English concertina and “New Roots” music competition judge (April 2015)